The difference between photon IPL hair removal and laser hair removal

Laser depilation adopts semiconductor laser depilation technology. The wavelength is 810nm, which is in the near spectral infrared region. Melanin is well absorbed. At the same time, it can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and act on hair follicles, which can effectively remove human hair. Laser produces light with a single wavelength, which is highly targeted. IPL photon hair removal adopts strong pulse light technology, with a wavelength of 510nm-1200nm. Its band contains a beam of light that can be absorbed by hair follicle melanin. It acts on hair follicles and removes human hair. At the same time, it can also make skin spots, pigments and red blood filaments selectively absorb photon energy to produce photothermal effect, which is damaged and gradually decomposed and absorbed by the human body.


Medical Intense pulsed light Therapy Systems MED-140C+



Water oxygen jet facial deep Skin rejuvenation



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