KES Services

We always adhere to the principle of "customer first", we can provide all the services you want.


1. Free training service

If you confirm order from our KES , we will provide you with complete training, such as: user manual, instructional video, what’s more, we also will send you clinical suggestion parameter table together. Of course, if you need, we will train you online by video call.


2. After-sales sercice

We have more than 15 professional after sales service engineers who speak different languages. So if you have any questions or problems, you just need to send pictures or vedio of the machine, our after sales service will know and understand the problem, they will help you to solve the problem via video meeting or technical guidance doctument.

We also regularly visit our customers every year to offer technical support,service support and clinical support as well as marketing support pls do not worry about that.


3.OEM/ODM service

We can customize the casing, customize the software, and customize the machine parameters according to your needs. Ensure that there are no identical products on the market, thereby enhancing your company's competitiveness.


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