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Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

6 Technologies Lipolaser+Vacuum +Mechanical massage roller+RF+Led light+ Infrared light.


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6 Technologies Lipolaser+Vacuum +Mechanical massage roller+RF+Led light+ Infrared light.








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    • Commodity name: Vacuum Body Slimming Machine
    • Commodity ID: CP11
    • Delivery Method: DHL, sea shipping, air delivery

    6 Technologies Lipolaser+Vacuum +Mechanical massage roller+RF+Led light+ Infrared light.

    Vacuum Body Slimming Machine Applications

    1.Body sculpture

    2.Cellulite removal

    3.Face lifting, skin rejuvenation,

    4.Wrinkle removal, anti-aging

    5. Edema of eye removal

    6.lymphatic drainage


    Vacuum Body Slimming Machine Machine 4 handles:

    Handle 1 : Large area treatment such as belly,waist, legs.

    Body sculpture , Cellulite removal ,skin tightening, lymphatic drainage

    Handle 2: Belly,legs.arms,back.buttock

    Meso-cellulite ,body contouring.body shape, lymphatic drainage

    Handle 3: Face,Neck

    Face lifting ,wrinkle removal ,skin tighening, lymphatic drainage

    Handle 4: Eyes,Eyelid

    Edema of eye removal, microgroove removal for

    eyes, mouth and nose area, etc

    Handle 5:Lipolysis

    Dissolve fat,cellulite removal ,skin tightening, lymphatic drainage




    Vacuum Body Slimming Machine Advantages

    1. 6 Technologies Lipolaser+Vacuum +Mechanical massage roller+RF+Led light+ Infrared light.

    achieve the effect of body sculpture, cellulite removal, skin lifting,wrinkle removal .

    2. Imported vacuum pump --- Express efficiency in silence.

    3. Automatic oil filtration, no consumable, prolong machine working life.

    4. Global Unique Updated Rollers Rotation Technology with four directions:

    In, Out, Up, Down ------ Bring professional excellent results.


    Roll in: fat elimination

    Roll out: cellulite removal

    Roll down: body contouring

    Roll up: shaping


    1. 10MHz RF power ensures safety and perfect effects --- Enhance efficiency and comfort.

    6. User-friendly interface design, easy operation and intuitive display ----Intelligent 10.4color touch LCD screen with 16 languages


    "Vacuum Body Slimming Machine is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that slims and reduces cellulite.

    KES Vacuum Body Slimming Machine MED-360Max is a perfect combination of 5 technologies: vacuum, mechanical massage roller, infrared light, bipolar RF and LED light. It gives solution to skin laxity, wrinkle, fat accumulation and cellulite through non-invasive treatment, and then achieve the effect of face lifting and body sculpturing.



    Vacuum Body Slimming Machine is a revolutionary new clinically proven treatment for the effective treatment of cellulite, body contouring, and fat reduction. The treatment works by using heat and massage to target and heat fatty tissues within the chosen area.

    The tissue is manipulated using a vacuum and heat to reveal a smoother, tighter figure. The most commonly treated areas are the stomach, abdomen, shoulders, buttocks, thighs and buttocks.

    • Fat burning and Body Contouring -Narrow the size of the buttocks and thighs, reduce abdominal fat and body-firming.
    • Cellulite reduction – The treatment is suitable for all kinds of skin colors to remove the undesired fat and cellulite on the skin.
    • Wrinkle removal – Wrinkle firming for face and eye, eliminate dark circles.
    • Circumference Reduction
    • Skin Texture & Tone
    • Physical therapy
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Body shaping
    • Skin smooth, skin tightening


    Infrared laser reduces skin impedance by heating skin and RF energy penetrates deeply into connective tissue to increase the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating skin.

    Vacuum plus specially designed rollers manipulate leads RF penetration to be even 5-15 mm. Nip and stretch fibrillar connective tissue greatly improves the body contouring effect.

    The technology that vacuum folds skin makes RF energy penetrate a specific folded skin, greatly improving effect and safety, even for the upper eyelid area treatment.

    The infrared light and radiofrequency energies deliver heat to the dermis and hypodermis, causing the release of oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream to the local cells. In hypodermis, the combination of heat and additional oxygen leads to increased metabolism in the fat cells causing them to shrink as they break down their fat.

    A vacuum elevates the target tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source.

    Infrared light (IR) directly heats the targeted areas.

    Bi-poar radio frequency (RF) energy safely guides heat throughout the targeted area, so that it heals faster without damaging the skin.

    Most people say that the treatment is pleasant and comfortable, comparable to a deep tissue massage. After treatment, you can resume normal activities immediately.




    How to increase your revenue?

    Whole body treatment gives a perfect figure in a healthy way

    Vacuum Body Slimming Machine MED-360Max subverts the traditional weight-loss shaping massage treatment method, completely

    liberating the hands of the beautician.


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