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Diode Laser 808 nm 1200W Hair Removal Machine Medical CE

Benefits: 1. 20,000,000 Shots American Bar 2. 808nm or Tri-wave 755+808+1064nm 3. 500W or 1200W Super Power 4. 10 Shots/sec 15 Mins Fast Hair Removal 5. 2*TEC Cooling 18 Hours Working 6. Double Filtration 100% Pure 7. 1 Second Automatic Parameters Setting 8. 10 Seconds Automatic Trouble Shooting



Benefits: 1. 20,000,000 Shots American Bar 2. 808nm or Tri-wave 755+808+1064nm 3. 500W or 1200W Super Power 4. 10 Shots/sec 15 Mins Fast Hair Removal 5. 2*TEC Cooling 18 Hours Working 6. Double Filtration 100% Pure 7. 1 Second Automatic Parameters Setting 8. 10 Seconds Automatic Trouble Shooting





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    • Commodity name: Diode Laser 808 nm 1200W Hair Removal Machine Medical CE
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    Benefits: 1. 20,000,000 Shots American Bar 2. 808nm or Tri-wave 755+808+1064nm 3. 500W or 1200W Super Power 4. 10 Shots/sec 15 Mins Fast Hair Removal 5. 2*TEC Cooling 18 Hours Working 6. Double Filtration 100% Pure 7. 1 Second Automatic Parameters Setting 8. 10 Seconds Automatic Trouble Shooting


    808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Working Theory


    The 808nm semiconductor laser system uses a gold standard laser with a wavelength of 808nm. During hair removal, the semiconductor laser emits near-infrared light waves, which can penetrate into the root of the hair follicle, heat the melanin in the hair follicle and diffuse it to the entire hair follicle. It can accurately destroy the hair follicle without causing damage to adjacent tissues. After several treatments, permanent hair removal can be achieved. Permanently remove excess hair from all parts of the body, such as facial, arm, back, chest, armpit, bikini line hair removal, legs, etc.


    Diode Laser hair removal 755nm 808nm 1064 nm  KEY BENEFITS: 
    1. Effective: Combine the three effective laser wavelengths (808nm+755nm+1064nm) which makes them suitable for all skin types and
    all hair color.
    2. Longer service life, using USA coherent company laser bar. Guarantee 20 million shoots. 
    3. High efficiency: Exclusive 2 sets 450W TEC smart cooling system----Size is smaller, bigger power, lower noise, better cooling
    system, can continuously work for 24 hours.
    4. Painless hair removal: Advanced cooling system and cold sapphire tip minimizes epidermal risks while maintaining heat within
    the dermis where hair follicles are treated. Make sure that treatment more safe and comfortable.
    5. Safer: Advanced warning system, including water temperature; water level; water flow rate; handle temperature.
    6. Smarter: 2 modes of hair removal control
    7. More laser power: 500W (spot size:12*12mm); 600W (spot size:15*20mm); 1200W (spot size:15*30mm); 

    Diode Laser hair removal Android intelligent system:
    1.Smarter:KES software, which uses advanced Android system, is not just a machine that removes hair, but also supports Internet access,storage and intelligent information processing.Now, in the information age, smart clinics need smarter machines a multi-facetedsolution that provides a complete picture of your business; whether it is a single clinic or a chain.
    2.SAFE:For new users, SmartDepi has clinical safety tips to ensure the safety of your clinic's customers, making your clinic and your customers more secure.
    3.Cooling Systems:has a more intelligent refrigeration system, which can make different levels of refrigeration effects according to different room temperatures. supports 6 levels of refrigeration and so on, which reduces the requirement of room temperature and better meets the treatment experience of clinical customers
    4.Convenient after sales:clearly understands the status of the customer's instrument and promptly repairs any after-sales problems
    5.Higher User Satisfaction:The handle is equipped with a 2.4 inch LCD touch screen, which is under the same control as the machine. In the treatment, the beautician can adjust the parameters through the hand screen. beautician completing treatment  which improves customers' better clinical experience
    6.Higher Returns:According to the skin color and body parts of the customers, the intelligent generation of accurate parameters,It supports different skin tone types and full body hair removal, bringing you more customers.


    Diode Laser Working Principle

    The process of diode lasers working is the change from electric energy to light and heat energy. When the chip which is inside the macro channel is working, the cooling water flows inside the laser stack meanwhile bringing the extra heat and making sure the chip going well.




    Specially designed for diode laser hair removal machine


    1: 300-1200W Laser power, the laser is packaged in gold-tin-filled nitrogen gas, with good consistency

    2: There is no limit to the professional degree of use, the water quality is not high, the water flow is large, and the heat dissipation is very good

    3: Customers are easy to use, and the waterway will not be blocked

    4: Unlimited number of sending for 15 months, continuous working time up to 12 hours


    User Friendly Screen Display, Easy For Operation

    After doctors choose the skin type, hair area, and thickness before treatment, the Proposed parameter will upload. Doctors should adjust based on the proposed parameters and patientsfeelings during treatment as different patients have different reactions.


    Best Permanent Hair Removal Machine Features:

    Metal Steel Structure inner design ensures inner spare parts are safe when ship or move. Reduce the harm risk of collision to the least during shipment.

    There are 4 wheels at the bottom of the vertical diode laser machine for sale. It is easy to move in busy clinics or salons. The laser hair removal system can thus be used in different treatment rooms or offices.

    The USA imported a Plug and Playhandpiece connector, translate into reliable energy and long-lasting machines capable of continuous work in busy clinics or beauty massages.

    Handle holder the inner layer of the handle holder is made of silicon rubber; the external layer is ABS material. This design greatly protects the treatment probe from any damage or crash.

    User-friendly software design: simple parameters setting easy operation.




    Diode laser machine for permanent hair reduction uses semiconductor technology that produces a coherent projection of light in the visible to infrared range. It uses a light beam with a narrow spectrum to target specific chromophores in the skin.


    Compared to other laser systems such as the Ruby, Fiber, and Alexandrite, the 808nm diode laser wavelength offers the deepest penetration levels and superior melanin absorption. These unique characteristics make the diode laser the most suitable technology for laser hair removal, enabling safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types, in all body areas.


    It is often assumed that laser hair removal leads to the permanent removal of hair. This is partially correct since a patient can expect a 90% reduction of hair. Diode laser technology hair removal treatment is an attractive alternative to shaving, waxing, depilatories, or electrolysis.



    Best permanent hair removal machine draws your patients and customers to your clinic and serves as an excellent laser treatment platform for them into the world of Aesthetic Dermatology.


    Diode Laser Machine MED-808 produced by laser hair removal manufacturer-KES Laser meet the needs of customers who want to have the best professional permanent hair removal treatment.


    Diode Laser MED-808 is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. With the ICE cooling head on the handpiece, MED-808 has the optimal cooling effect. The diode laser hair removal treatment by continuous semiconductor contact cooling is painless and safe.




    Diode Laser Technology For Hair Removal:

    Golden Standard 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal

    Diode laser hair removal is the gold standard of hair removal methods. Light at the wavelength of 808nm is absorbed by the melanin in the follicle and greatly reduces the absorption by water and hemoglobin. Treatment is safe and painless for the epidermis. Patients will feel painless during the best professional permanent hair removal treatment.


    High energy, no pigmentation, excellent treatment results can be expected at the first treatment and suitable to all types of hair.

    The 808nm wavelength history and key advantages.

    Maximizing treatment results.

    The benefits of reducing treatment times.




    Technical Specifications :

    Laser Type

    Diode Laser

    Laser Wavelength

    808nm (Standard)

    755nm / 1064nm / Tripe wavelengths (Optional)

    Handpiece Power


    Spot Size


    Energy Density



    1~10 shots/second

    Pulse Width


    Cooling System

    Double TEC Active  + Air + Water + Semiconductor

    Stand-by Working

    Continuously for 18 hours


    10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen

    Electrical Requirements

    110-240V Wide Voltage

    Package Dimension


    Net/Gross Weight  

    55KG(Net Weight); 71KG(Gross Weight)



    808 Diode Laser Hair Removal FAQ

    What is the difference between IPL and diode laser treatment?

    IPL is similar to laser treatment. However, a diode laser focuses just one wavelength of light on your skin, while IPL releases light of many different wavelengths, like a photo flash.


    The light from IPL is more scattered and less focused than a laser. IPL penetrates down to the second layer of your skin (dermis) without harming the top layer (epidermis), so it causes less damage to your skin.


    IPL needs 6-10 times for hair removal while diode laser only needs 3-4 times. 808nm diode laser wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal. Compared to IPL hair removal, patients feel less pain and are more comfortable.


    Is the DIODE LASER MACHINE MED-808 hair removal treatment painful?

    The diode laser MED-808 offers in-motion technology which is virtually painless and effective.


    How to remove hair by Diode Laser MED-808?


    Shaving hair away

    Daub cooling gel

    Set parameters for device

    Hair depilation

    Cleaning and ice compress


    Is it really permanent laser hair removal?

    In short, no. A laser hair removal machine works by heating the hair follicles to stop new hairs from growing. This puts the hair follicles in a state of dormancy for a long period of time much longer than with shaving and waxing. When the hairs do grow back, theyll be lighter, finer, and fewer in number.


    Although the procedure is often touted as a form of permanenthair removal, laser treatment only reduces the number of unwanted hairs in a given area. It doesnt get rid of unwanted hair completely.


    This hair removal option tends to work best in people with light skin tones and darker hair. Also, for best results, the KES Laser Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Supplier recommends that a professional dermatologist ought to perform the procedure.


    How many sessions of hair removal will I need before I see a result?

    The interval between every treatment is 3 or 4 times, a number of sessions for hair removal with Diode Laser MED-808, on average 3-4 sessions depending on patients skin color, hair type, and the area being treated. Treatment time can range from a few seconds for a small area such as above the upper lip, to 8 minutes for the entire back.


    What happens after laser hair removal treatment?

    For a day or two afterward, the treated area of your skin will look and feel like its sunburned. Cool compresses and moisturizers may help.


    Over the next month, your treated hair will fall out. Wear sunscreen for the following month to help prevent temporary changes in the color of the treated skin.


    Can I have the treatment while I am taking medicine?

    The only forbidden medications are Accutane and Retin-A, which must be stopped before hair removal treatment.


    What does this mean for your hair removal business?

    KES Laser Diode Laser MED-808 gives you unique competitive advantages.

    The Gold Standard 810 diode wavelength is backed by years of clinically proven effectiveness. Combined with Fast Hair Removal (FHR), you can offer virtually painless hair removal without sacrificing efficacy or patient comfort.


    The Diode Laser MED-808s patented FHR technology works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle. This means that hair follicles dont have to be exposed to a single pulse of high energy, which can injure the skin and cause the patient pain and suffering.


    At the same time, the Diode Laser MED-808 protects the surrounding tissue.


    The combination of 810 diodes, FHR, and cooling give you the ability to offer a superior laser hair removal experience and achieve greater results.


    How much does it cost to get your pubic hair laser removal?

    The average cost of laser hair removal is $429, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


    However, the cost varies depending on a number of different factors. The biggest factor is the area of the body that receives treatment. The size of the area and the amount of time it takes to perform the procedure help to determine the cost.


    The table below illustrates the average high and low costs of laser hair removal for different areas of the body for your reference.


    Area of body Low cost High cost

    Face and neck $600 $900

    Arms $350 $500

    Bikini area $350 $500

    Lower legs $600 $850

    Back $600 $900

    Chest $350 $600

    Breasts $80 $180

    Half legs $200 $275

    Full legs $325 $375

    What is the laser hair removal machine price?

    If you want to know the professional laser hair removal machine price, you can click here: professional laser hair removal machines for sale for your reference, or fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP. Or simply call Phone: And you will get the latest price of laser hair removal machine.




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