EM Sculpting muscle stamulation body treatments that actually work

EM Sculpting muscle stamulation body treatments that actually work

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  • Published on:2022-07-13

EM Sculpting muscle stamulation body treatments that actually work

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  • Published on:2022-07-13

  Like many of us stuck at home for the past year, Sandra Hink lost her beauty and fitness routine during the pandemic.When spring rolls around and she's ready to switch her loungewear for more revealing clothes, the retired teacher isn't thrilled with her appearance.

       "I usually work out a lot and my maintenance is always pretty consistent, but being at home for a year really took a toll on my body," said the 53-year-old, who lives in Lee Dix Hill." I want to get myself ready to go to the beach."
       So she signed up with Marina Peredo, a dermatologist with offices in Dix Hills and the Upper East Side, for radiofrequency microneedling, designed to improve sagging skin and reduce wrinkles.This was followed by the topical application of exosomes, an experimental cell-based therapy thought to boost tissue growth factors and accelerate healing.
       "I immediately felt my skin was tighter," she said of the process, which took three 30-minute sessions and cost a total of $5,000 for the neck, chest and arms.Her skin was only red for a day or two."I had my face done before, and now my body matches," she added.
       Doctors say they are now seeing more and more people finding ways to transform their image from otaku to cool-girl summer.
       "Our body care needs have increased dramatically over the past few months," says Anetta Reszko, a cosmetic dermatologist with offices on Park Avenue."In the past 80% of requests were for the face, but now at least 50% are for the body."

       Being at home so much over the past 18 months has made Sher Jansen more critical of himself."I have a lot of time to focus on the things that bother me," said the 26-year-old emergency room nurse who lives in Stamford, Connecticut, with her husband and toddler.
       Jansen turned to Reszko for help to tighten the skin around her stomach, elbows and knees.She had two radiofrequency microneedling treatments two weeks apart for a total cost of $7,000.
       To further target her abs, she added a two-week biweekly course with Emsculpt Neo for a total cost of $3,000.Popular with celebrities like Olivia Culpo, Megan Fox, and Addison Rae, the Emsculpt body shaper delivers 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, uses electromagnetic energy to contract and tone muscles, and radio frequency to melt fat.
       "My skin is firmer, my stretch marks are significantly reduced, and my abs are back," says Jensen."I'm going to Spain this summer and I'm excited to buy some bikinis. I have a fitted silk dress that I love, but it's been in my closet because it shows every imperfection. Now I It's definitely going to be packed!"
       Dr. Paul Frank, a dermatologist with offices in the West Village and Upper East Side, noted that demand is due to the buzz about the latest machines and timing.
       "[Emsculpt] Neo addresses the triad of skin, fat, and muscle," explains Frank, whose practice has a full range of cutting-edge equipment."These new technologies are already getting attention and a lot of requests as coming out parties for people coming from COVID coincide with summer."
       Here's a detailed look at microneedling, Emsculpt, and other quick ways New Yorkers are fast-tracking a better body, no knives, no downtime.
       "RF can tighten existing collagen and elastin, making the skin look younger," Peredo said during the 40-minute procedure, during which tiny needles deliver pulses into the skin.She added exosomes to help build new collagen and reduce redness.One to three classes are required two to three weeks apart, and packages range from $2,000 to $5,000.
       Getting toned without actually exercising was one of the futuristic concepts that eventually came along with Emsculpt, which uses electromagnetic energy to contract muscles as you lie down and relax, and was originally FDA-approved for the abdomen in 2018.The new version adds radio frequency to melt fat cells, thus shedding even more weight.Use of the machine has expanded to the hips, and last month to the arms and legs.Four 30-minute sessions at $850 each are recommended for initial changes."You can quickly get a six-pack or a glute lift without exercising," says Reszko.Of course, using it as a supplement to quickly boost the results of a traditional fitness routine is best for overall benefits.
       Smooth, firm buttocks are a coveted beach asset, and apparently inactivity and prolonged couch sitting can lead to rough patches, clogged pores, and some sagging.Karen Hong's $175 treatment at Sia's Beauty in Soho begins with cleansing and extracting, followed by exfoliation with a blended acid mask, and a HydraFacial machine for further deep cleansing and infusion of serum.A second Valmont mask with Swiss Apple Stem Cells nourishes and locks in moisture, finishing with a lymphatic drainage massage and cupping techniques to rejuvenate the skin for a firmer appearance.
       Barbara Phillips, 57, who lives in Bayside and works in fashion sales, said: "I used to work out every day, but during the pandemic I've been sitting at home for a few hours. lbs." "When I heard about this new treatment for tightening the butt, I said, 'Sign me up!' I didn't want to say my own butt, but it looked great and had smooth skin."
       Vicki Morav's new Upper East Side spa offers a killer combination of ultimate conditioning treatments for $840.The 'Beach Body Ready' treatment begins with a 20-minute heat-burning infrared sauna, followed by a full-body exfoliation with microdermabrasion or fruit acids and loofah, a 75-minute lymphatic drainage massage, and a 35-minute radio frequency machine to tighten the body skin."You'll immediately feel less bloated," Morav promised.
       A 45-minute treatment at Flatiron's Rescue Spa, Relax Under Lights ($225), is designed to speed up circulation, even out skin tone, reduce puffiness and bumps, and leave you with an overall glow that will wow you on the beach factor.It also has the side effect of relieving muscle inflammation, so your struts will be more elastic.Rescuer Danuta Mieloch suggested leaving with the Tri Light Body Sculpt Fit ($295), a new home device that uses LED lights along with heat and microcurrents to prolong the effects of treatments."It allows you to really work in areas that are problematic for you," she said.
       Lydia Sarfati, owner of Repechage, has partnered with ReBalance Center for Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging on the Upper East Side to offer treatments like this one that, for as little as $300, can reduce the appearance of cellulite and help with lymphatic drainage.An IV vitamin infusion is given while exfoliating with a bamboo brush, wrapping in a thermal bandage soaked in seaweed, covering with mylar and massaging with a slimming and firming cream containing caffeine and seaweed.Measurements were taken before and after, and many believe a total of about an inch and a half was lost, according to Sarfati, who said the results should last at least five days.

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