Beauty and skin care knowledge sharing

Beauty and skin care knowledge sharing

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  • Published on:2022-06-02

Beauty and skin care knowledge sharing

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Beauty and skin care knowledge sharing


Many women want to give up making up every morning and go out with a fresh face. However, when they don't wear makeup, they may feel naked and worry about what they look like in the eyes of others. If you are one of them, put down your makeup now. All you have to do is take care of your skin.
1. wash your face twice a day.
Skin care is a key factor in looking beautiful without makeup. Spend the money and time you should spend on buying and using skin care products. First and foremost, find a facial cleanser that suits your skin type. Wash it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Although washing your face more than twice a day may be more hygienic, it is not advisable. Excessive washing can make your skin dry and allergic, making it look worse rather than better.
Develop your own skin regimen. Whatever you choose, be sure to carry it out and stick to it.
2. apply moisturizer every day.
Every time you wash your face, you should immediately wipe the moisturizer. You can choose a good quality day cream to use after washing your face every time, and a good moisturizing cream to use at night.
Be sure to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose mild and tasteless skin. If you are prone to acne, try a gentle, oil-free one.
For dry skin, choose moisturizing creams such as shea butter and aloe vera.
3. renew the skin once a week.
Skin renewal makes the dead cells on the skin surface fall off, and your face looks fresh and radiant. It can also make you spring when you don't want to make up. Find a special corner cutting
If necessary, you can use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. The sun protection effect is better.
8. don't touch your face all the time.
Many people have the habit of touching their face, which will seriously affect your skin. Squeeze acne, touch your forehead or rest your chin on your hands at will. All this will make your skin more oily and bring bacteria to your skin.
Wiping the face will make the skin loose, leading to premature wrinkles. Therefore, if you want to improve your skin appearance, don't do some unnecessary face wiping.
9. skin care from inside to outside.
Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night and drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of water every day The skin can repair itself through sleep, which can make you look energetic without dark circles under your eyes. Drinking water can moisturize your skin from inside to outside, eliminate toxins and accelerate metabolism.
10. eyebrow trimming.
Comb your hair to make yourself look dignified. Beautiful eyebrows can well decorate your eyes and make your face look better. Therefore, you should also pay attention to your eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows are very conspicuous, so even without makeup can make their appearance more popular.
11. wash the hair every two days.
It is important to wash your hair frequently. It can prevent your hair and scalp from turning oily. However, unless you have very oily hair, there is no need to wash it every day. Once every two days is enough. This will ensure that your hair does not look dry or oily. Use a shampoo that suits you. You can get a haircut every 3 to 4 months to maintain your hair quality.
Apply a pinch of conditioner the size of grapes to your hair every day. It is best to rinse it with cold water in order to make it smoother and glossier.
In order to prevent the grease from your hair from getting on your face, wear a low ponytail when you sleep at night.
12. clip eyelashes.
Long and warped eyelashes can make you look charming. But this is not achieved by brushing eye black, but simply using eyelash clips. The eyelash curler looks a bit scary, but actually it doesn't hurt at all and is easy to use.
Hold the eyelashes with the eyelash clip for 10 to 20 seconds. Curly eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger.
You can also use vaseline to make your eyelashes darker, and then use an eyelash brush.
13. keep lips moist.
Moist and plump lips are more attractive than dry and cracked lips. So you can protect your lips with comprehensive anti cracking and moisturizing methods. You can also gently brush it with a wet toothbrush and apply your favorite lipstick.
Do a good job of lip protection in extreme weather. Use lipstick containing SPF for sun protection or wear a mask to prevent cold.
14. make your eyes brighter.
The best way to make your eyes brighter and give others a good overall impression is to use eye drops. These are available at the local pharmacy. This is a shortcut to improve your image. To keep your eyes bright and clear, you only need to put oneortwo drops every morning.
15. improve skin tone.
A key to making your face look healthy and beautiful is to make your skin a little rosy. Regular exercise and fresh air outside can help. However, it is impossible to make it ruddy by gently pinching or patting your face.
16. pay attention to dental hygiene.
A healthy and gorgeous smile can greatly improve your overall impression. So you must give your teeth enough care. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Gently move your toothbrush in your mouth for two minutes. Be sure to pay attention to every tooth. Don't ignore those that grow in the back and are difficult to clean.
It is also important to floss your teeth every day. Dental floss can remove tartar and food residue between teeth, which can effectively prevent tooth decay.
Also remember to wash your tongue with a toothbrush and use mouthwash to prevent bad breath.
17. smiling can make your face more radiant and let your beauty radiate from the inside.
This not only gives people an impression of optimism and confidence, but also attracts others' attention. A smile will make you more beautiful, whether you wear makeup or not.
18. maintain a healthy complexion.
A healthy complexion will make your skin more radiant and smooth. If your skin is naturally brownish yellow, this is good, but you should still use skin cream. In addition, there are many ways to improve skin tone and protect yourself from the sun.
Find a facial moisturizer. It can slowly form a natural brownish yellow, which looks very shiny in any weather.
19. dress appropriately.
Wanting to look good without makeup depends on how confident you are about the rest of yourself. Every girl knows that a perfect dress makes her feel like she can control the world. So now spend the time you spend making up on clothes.
Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and fit you. Don't force yourself to follow the trend and let yourself wear clothes that don't fit. You look best when you feel best.
20. design your own hairstyle.
Make sure your hair looks neat all the time. Don't worry about anything else. You can try a new hairstyle, such as cutting a layer or bangs, or even risk being an elf. Try different hairstyles: straighten, curl, tie into a ball or get a pigtail. In short, use your imagination.
When your hair is messy, you can cover it with a fashionable scarf or Harley hat, or simply roll it with a little styling agent.
21. reasonable diet.
Health from the inside out has a lot to do with what you eat. Especially the skin, he is easily affected by unreasonable eating habits. Healthy skin is important for people who want to look good without makeup. So eat more fruits and vegetables instead of greasy and sweet food.
Remember to drink plenty of water to promote metabolism, keep skin healthy and away from edema.
If you feel that your daily diet alone cannot meet your needs, you can take some vitamins. Vitamin A, C and E are very helpful to the skin.
22. confidence.
True beauty emanates from the inside. So don't rely on makeup to find confidence. Believe in yourself. Stand tall, make eye contact with others, and always smile. Remember, make-up is just a tool used to emphasize the characteristics of certain parts. Your true beauty is always there.

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