Analysis on current situation and development prospect of beauty salon industry in 2022

Analysis on current situation and development prospect of beauty salon industry in 2022

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  • Published on:2022-06-10

Analysis on current situation and development prospect of beauty salon industry in 2022

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  • Published on:2022-06-10

Analysis on current situation and development prospect of beauty salon industry in 2022

At present, the competition in beauty salons has reached a white hot level. The supply and
demand of human resources is insufficient. Some small stores and stores without brands are
really difficult to survive. What they lack is the education system, brand influence,
systematic products and customer service, which need professional teams and talents to
improve. However, the brand store has made sufficient preparations in these aspects and
may develop into a leading role. Of course, it is feasible for small stores with difficult
operation to join the chain of brand stores. This way is not to let the original operators
out, but to let them hold certain shares, which are operated by the company and benefit
from it. This way can make everyone achieve a win-win goal, which is a long-term plan.
The expansion of large beauty salons will become a trend of modern management. The
polarization between the strong and the weak will bring opportunities and challenges to
the beauty industry.
First of all, the beauty market will tend to be standardized in the future. The boundary
between medical beauty and life beauty will be clearer and clearer, and consumers will be
more rational. The second is branding. After the market competition intensifies, some
beauty salons of small and medium-sized brands may withdraw from the market and form a new
pattern through the re combination of the market. Thirdly, specialization. After consumer
demand becomes more and more in-depth, many professional line manufacturers will refine
their projects. In this case, there will be some blank markets, which is of great benefit
to small and medium-sized beauty enterprises.
In addition, there is scale. It is a development trend that single stores become larger
and small stores tend to be chain stores, so as to promote the long-term development of
enterprises. The last is integration. Medical beauty and life beauty are combined to
become a women's super club. This model is a good trend for future development.
With the development of society, people's living standards are also rising. It can be said
that basically in developed cities, people's consumption ability is still very high, and
people's requirements for life are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, beauty
salons are also a place for people to visit frequently. Therefore, they are very popular
with female friends, especially those who are dissatisfied with their skin, have wrinkles
and dark yellow on their faces, or have more acne. They can improve their skin conditions
in the beauty salon.
According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30000 medical and aesthetic
institutions nationwide, and less than 5000 doctors have obtained the certificate of chief
doctor of cosmetic surgery. A survey shows that from 2014 to 2020, the scale of China's
medical beauty market has increased from 50.1 billion yuan to 179.5 billion yuan. The
medical beauty consumer group is mainly young people, with the highest proportion aged 20
-25. The post-90s and post-00s are the main consumer groups.
What is the future investment prospect of the industry market? To learn more about the
detailed analysis of the beauty salon industry, please click to view the report of
Zhongyan Puhua Research Institute "2022-2027 China beauty salon industry supply and demand
analysis and investment risk consulting report". The report conducts specific
investigation, research and Analysis on various factors related to the industry, provides
insight into the future development direction of the industry, the evolution trend of the
industry competition pattern, as well as the technical standards, market scale, potential
problems and the crux of the industry development, evaluates the investment value and
effectiveness of the industry, and puts fo

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