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KES Company over the last decade has grown into the leading manufacturer of Cosmetic machinery designed to
 meet the needs of people seeking solutions for anti-aging.
Based in Beijing we provide OEM and ODM customer service for our products, that gives us the right to say” we
make quality!

From Africa to Europe, America and all of Asia, we supply the IPL, E-light photo rejuvenation equipment, RF treatment
apparatus, Fractional laser, ND: YAG laser service and weight loss equipment to bring beauty benefits of health to
clients over the entire globe.

“Consistent Concerned Customer Care” is our motto as we focus on the best possible line of products that we created
in four series that have over 32 different models of which all are ITC medically CE approved.

From our workshop, we maintain a detail oriented approach beginning with our assembly production line, then on to
electrical installation and testing in our plant, to be rigorously checked again by sustained use for a 24 hour period
before being packaged for delivery. Each unit is assigned its own serial number for tracking purposes to help our
customers know they” come first”.

We stand by our product line from each screw, in every line in every machine to the completed one that comes off our
production line. We make sure that it is the best quality merchandise produced.

After sales are made, our sales team continues consistent concerned customer care” by remaining in contact with
client collecting information on performance of their purchases.

On site visits by Sales Representatives to our OEM or ODM customers adds the personal touch as we update them
 on new methods and procedures to ensure long term service from our equipment and sales personnel

We at KES believe in providing distinctive dedicated disciplined, industrious service to our clients and customers,
 never forgetting that the past is only a picture of the future as We strive to achieve even better service and superior
quality products by not resting on our past glory, but working harder to stay the leader in Cosmetic Machinery Manufacturing.