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  • Name: Cryolipolysis Vacuum Body Slimming Machine
  • Num: Med-3600+
  • Description: Four handles Cryolipolysis body contouring machine
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  1. FDA approved Cryolipolysis: most popular way in losing weight in the market!

  Non-surgical medical cosmetic technologies.more safe than liposuction

  2. 6 technologies in 1 Machine: Cryolipolysis+Vacuum+RF+Roller+LED+IR

  3. Medical CE,ISO13485 approved

  3. Single treatment can reduce 20-30% reduction in the fat layer


  6. KES develop 3 treatment handle with different size,suitable for

  Whole body treatment.

  7. Lower investment, high return!

No.1 Cryolipolysis+ Vacuum (150*90*60mm)

No.2 Vacuum+RF (34.5*48mm)
No.3 Vacuum+RF (18*25mm)
No.4 Vacuum+RF (8.5*15mm)

Radio Frequency Power

Up to 50W   

Focused Technology

Cryolipolysis + Vacuum + RF + Roller + LED + IR Laser (infrared)

Cryo handle materials

Silicon Rubber

RF Frequency


Pump Suction Rate


Infrared Lamp

Up to 20W

Light Spectrum

640nm (infrared); 690nm (LED)


1×Cryolipolysis+ Vacuum (150x90x60mm)
1×Vacuum+RF (34.5x48mm)

1×Vacuum+RF (18x25mm)
1×Vacuum+RF (8.5x15mm)


Self-contained+water cooling+wind cooling+cooler (-10℃~2℃ )

Stand-by Working

Continuously for 18 hours


10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen
3.5" True Color LCD Touch Screen (cryo handpiece)

Electrical Requirements

100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz

Net Weight

60 kgs

Packing Dimensions (WxDxH)


  1) Cellulite Reduction

  2) Body Contouring

  3) Facial Lifting and Body Tightening

  4) Skin Texture improvement

  5) Mechanical Massage

  6) Lips and eye contours

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