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  • Name: Vertical E-light MED-130C
  • Num: vertical E-light MED-130C
  • Description: Fixed filters design, much stablely and effective function. handle: much easier operation than int
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1.Promotion model, best price in China! special supply for distributors.
2.Medical CE&ISO13485 approved
3.8.4 TFT color touch Screen. 14 languages (including Portuguese and Spanish)
4.Interchangeable Xenon lamp cartridge; guarantee 70.000 shots.
5.Fixed filters design, much more stable and effective function. Handle with different spot sizes(10*40 and 15*50) 
6.Our water tube is made from silicone which is antifreeze and prevent knot
7.Three cooling systems make treatment safe and comfortable  for the patients
8.Alert alarm for low water level, water temp, water flux and  refrigeration




1.Counter: count the flash number
2.Switches: two gray switches for different habits
3.Spot size: 2 spot size :10*40mm², 15*50mm²
4.Lamps: imported from Germany,70,000-100,000shots lifetime.70.000 shots guarantee under normal operation



Wavelength (Spectrum)

510-1200nm(SR); 640-1200nm(HR)

Energy Density (Fluence)


RF Energy

Up to 50J/cm³(W)

Spot Size

10*40mm2 (SR); 15*50mm2 (HR)

Pulse Repetition Rate


Pulse Duration




IPL Peak Power


RF Power



Continuous Crystal contact cooling (-4℃~2℃ ) + Air cooling + Closed water circulation cooling

Stand-by Working

Continuously for 18 hours


8.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen

Electrical Requirements

100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz

Net Weight

52 kgs

Dimensions (WxDxH)


-Hair Removal /Photo depilation (reduction of unwanted hairs).
-Skin rejuvenation, for fine wrinkle, large pores, solar pigmentation.
-Pigmentation, such as freckles, post traumatic
-Vessels removal, such as varicose veins ,vascular
-Acne removal


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