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  • Name: Infrared RF Vacuum slimming machine
  • Num: 001
  • Description: The most effective machine with easy operation screen. which will keep you a very good figure.
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1. 5 in 1 system:Vacuum + Mechanical roller + RF + LED + IR

2. 4 Direction Rotation:In,Out,Left,Right.Convenient operation

3. Germany Pump,25cub.m/h,stronger performance

4. 13.6 MHz medical standard RF insure the safety and effect

5. This is the only one machine whose 4 handpiece with RF

6. 10.4" LCD full color touch screen with protection setting,16 languages for option

7. Automatic mechanical rollers with different directions, reaching effective treatment results.

8. Through key button on the head controller (handle), the user can start/stop the device and control the air pressure intensity and LED light.

9. The modern design device will enlighten your business place.

10. Microcomputer controlled program will help the user operate the device conveniently.

11. Medical CE & ISO13485 approved

1*Vacuum+RF (56x80.5mm)

1*Vacuum+RF (34.5x48mm)

1*Vacuum+RF (18x25mm)

1*Vacuum+RF (8.5x15mm)


Radio Frequency Power

Up to 50W   

Focused Technology

Vacuum + RF + Roller + LED + IR Laser (infrared)

Delivery Type

Pulse; CW

RF Frequency


Pump Suction Rate


Infrared Lamp

Up to 20W

Light Spectrum

640nm (infrared); 690nm (LED)


1*Vacuum+RF (56x80.5mm)

1*Vacuum+RF (34.5x48mm)

1*Vacuum+RF (18x25mm)

1*Vacuum+RF (8.5x15mm)


Self-contained, closed water cycle

Stand-by Working

Continuously for 18 hours


10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen

Electrical Requirements

100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz

Net Weight

51 kgs

Dimensions (WxDxH)


1) Circumference and Cellulite Reduction                    

2) Body Contouring

3) Facial Lifting and Body Tightening                                

4) Skin Texture improvement  

5) Mechanical Massage                                                   

6) Lips and eye contours

Treatment course:

lose weight (1-3KG)(3-10cm)


2 time /per weeks

10-30 times / course

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