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FAQ for Ultrasonic Cavitation


1. What is ultrasonic cavitation?

It's a relatively new non-surgical technique, that allows you to reduce localized adiposity, tearing the connections of the fat cells, that will eventually disposed through the urinary ways.

2. Is ultrasonic cavitation painful?

No, it's painless. Little reddening may occasionally appear but don't cause pain. The heat generated by the light is perfectly tolerable.


3. Is it a safe treatment?

Yes. It's a non-surgical procedure, without anesthesia, non-invasive (there are no cuts, scars, or post-operatory course) and allows you to do your social life before and after the sessions. Always remember to choose carefully the center where you're going to take the treatment.


4. In which areas is the ultrasonic cavitation more effective?

All the parts of the body where localized adiposity is; therefore legs, abdomen and buttocks are the most appropriate but there's no real limitation regarding body areas.

5. The cautions when operating the machine

1) When beauticians do facial or physical therapy for customer, It must be sure using of enough cold gel on customer therapy parts in order to ensure operation head have medium to through, also opertion head two polar should contact well with customer therapy parts at the same time. And please move on the customer therapy parts no stop at only one place.( otherwise customer would have sticky feeling.)

2) .After the treatment , avoid the ultrasound head and the dissolve fat head steady the energy output in a long time it can be damage the treatment head. When you stop a treatment ,press the pause botton immediatety .

3)  All function intensity setting is begin with the default value, beauticians do care to experience the intensity first & then ask the guests whether could bear intensity, and then adjust the intensity according to customer’s need. If have emergency situation during in use of equipment, please press the red emergency stop button. After elimilate the situation, it can rotate the red button at the direction of clockwise.

4) Before doing therapy, for operator & guests both should be remove the mental watches and jewelry.

5)  Before doing therapy, guests should not using cell phone or somother phone.

6)  No use the alcohol to wipe the surface equipment & plastic parts.

7)  After therapy please unplug the power.

6. The following situation could not use the equipment.

1)  Acute patients;  Abnormal fever patients; Abnormal blood pressure; -Infectious diseases;

2)  Malignant tumor; Heart diseases Bleeding patients & leukemia patinence,Pregnant women; Menstrual period;Around the fracture; Allergy dermatitis

3) Allergic constitution, in particular those who are easy allergic dermatitis caused by cosmetics

4) Other abnormal skin problem also can not use.

5) Facial implants gold or face buried plastic or Silicon, and other materials
There are various allergens. dermatitis skin can not therapy by the equipment.

6) Hearing aids, pacemaker buried in the human body, such as the use of electronic medical equipment.
Respirator, external pacemak, life-sustaining medical and other electronic equipment etc.