Cellulite Treatment

"Cellulite has been an extremely challenging problem in the field of dermatology and aesthetic surgery.Up to now,before the advent of the Med -360 machine,we really had no good viable option for us to treat our patients with cellulite.Finally, thanks to kes we have a device that can treat cellulite effectively."


"The small applicator is great. My experience has been very good. With the large head Med-360, I had seen good improvement in cellulite and body contouring in the stomach and thighs over a longer period of time.With the small applicator, the results have been much quicker,and patients appreciate that I have had success with both removing cellulite and body contouring.The results have been pretty dramatic and quick.With only four treatments patients' cellulite is greatly reduced.Before patients had to come in twice a week for eight weeks. It was very time consuming. Now patients can come just once a week with great results. As with the Med-360, there still needs to be a maintenance program."


Diode laser

"The Diode laser Med-820 has become a mainstay in my operating room. Its compact size, flexible business model and ease of use allowed for a seamless integration into my surgical body sculpting practice."

Mr.Asim Bhatti,M.D.England
"Due to Diode laser Med-820,we had a record business in August. People like Diode laser Med-820 because they can be back to work in one to two days, versus one to two weeks as compared to traditional procedures."
Mrs.Santana M.D.USA

Fractional Skin Treatment

"The RF Co2 laser med-870 is a powerful tool for wrinkles,one of the most difficult problems for aesthetic treatment.With the Med-870 applicator,we are able to achieve deep,predictable dermatological results."
Ms.vivian aponte M.D.Korean
Skin Rejuvenation
"When treating Asian skin for aesthetic treatments with light based systems,one of the challenges we (physicians) encounter is the safety aspect. Patients I have treated using the IPL med-150C procedure have smoother skin and have not exhibited any side effects".

Mr.Perry Niro,Hong Kong

IPL technology has a huge impact in our practice.One of the biggest services that we provide to our patients is photofacial therapy,and the main machinery we use for photofacial therapy is IPL technology.Being the synergy between electrical energy and optical energy,we can provide our patients with a beautiful outcome, glowing skin, facial rejuvenation and all of this because of IPL technology."
Ms dolla AlKhatib,M.D.,Sweden
RF Skin Treatment

"I've treated many patients that have had loose skin on the neck and jowels due to rapid weight loss.The RF treatment was the most effective non-invasive wrinkle treatment without surgery.The ability to treat all skin types is ideal for doctors like me who live in ethnically diverse areas."
Vince Afsahi,M.D.,California,USA


Wrinkle Treatment
"Treatment with the WR applicator results in quantitative improvements in facial and neck wrinkles, and  sin texture."
-Mr Wang,M.D.China
"Electro-optical synergy as implemented in the WR offers a new approach to facial treatments that enjoy the efficacy of ablative techniques but with improved safety and no downtime of the traditional non-ablative technologies."

- Ms Doris Rebmann,M.D.Japan

Hair Removal

"The combination of both radio-frequency and optical energy in the KES system, known as E-light technology,is an innovative and exciting development in the treatment of hair removal.With this approach,one may achieve hair reduction while minimizing the applied light energy and its associated undesirable side effects.There is the potential to more safely treat a broader range of hair and skin colors."

Ms carmen hostnik,M.D.Cananda

"By using E-light technology,hair removal can be done with an increased margin of safety.This is especially helpful in dark skinned patients.In addition, lightly pigmented (blond, red) and non-pigmented (gray) hairs may be treated successfully."

Mr oana moscov,M.D.,USA

"During four (4) years,we have treated hair removal with an IPL device.This last year,we've changed to the IPL med-140C),and have noticed a clear reduction by half,on the number of sessions needed for the same treatments,i.e.:4 to 6 treatments compared to 8 to 10 with the others IPL,to obtain a complete hair removal.These numbers of course,do not apply to the facial part.For an impressive comparison, one of our patients with reddish-sandy hair, whom after 5 complete sessions with the other company IPL obtained so little results,demanded a reimbursement. After two (2) sessions with the Med-140C system, almost all of the superfluous hairs have fallen.”

Ms Doris Rebmann, M.D.,India